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Chess Nova Scotia aims to expand chess from a hobby for a few to a pastime for the many. We hope that Pawn Wise will be a spark for our Projects in Nova Scotia and the first of many such Festival events in Halifax.

We invite individuals, community groups, institutions, government and corporations to welcome chess into the intellectual and social fabric of Nova Scotia.


Why I believe in chess — Tallal Younis

When I was young, I learned that with every chess move comes a choice that has to be carefully weighed. No matter how trivial or pivotal, each move, each choice, was a part of the whole that determined the outcome of the game. To thrive – as I learned – one had to strive. Our life’s journey is also defined by a constellation of choices and decisions that each of us must make. I learned the art of decision-making through chess. Its lessons have been a guide for me in times both of struggle and triumph. That, to me, is the true value of chess.

Tallal Younis is professor and clinical research scholar in the Division of Medical Oncology, Dalhousie University, and senior scientist at the Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute, with a research interest in health economics. Among the top-ranked chess players in the Maritimes, he donates personal time (and all his prize winnings) to assist chess development in Nova Scotia.

Letters of Support

Chess Nova Scotia welcomes community support for Pawn Wise. If you or your organization wish to help us promote our initiative, please send us a letter of support (in PDF format if possible) and we will post it here. (Note that letters dated before April, 2020 were written before the postponement of the 2020 event.)