Registering for a Pawn Wise tournament is as easy as saying, “Checkmate.” Just don’t checkmate yourself!

PLEASE NOTE — You must complete ALL THREE STEPS below to be entered for play.



To register for one of the tournaments, a registration form must be completed and submitted. 

Online Registration Form

The online registration form is the simplest way to register for a tournament.

Use Online Registration Form

Mail Registration Form

For paper registration, print out the form, complete, and mail to the following address:

Chess Nova Scotia
Unit 208 – 162 Ochterloney St
Dartmouth, NS B2Y 4X3

Use Paper Registration Form



The correct amount due is based on the date payment is sent (e-transfer or postmark).

$90.00 by June 1 2022
$100.00 by July 1 2022
$115.00 by July 28 2022
$130.00 by July 29 2022 (on-site)

Junior Registration — $15.00 discount on posted fees for players who are 19 or younger on or before December 31, 2022.

Please identify the player(s) for whom payment is being made.

There are three payment methods available: E-Transfer, or Mail a Cheque, or Pay Cash Onsite. No other payment methods will be accepted.


Send E-Transfer to:

Mail a Cheque

Make cheques payable to Chess Nova Scotia–AAACF and mail to the following address:

Chess Nova Scotia
Unit 208 – 162 Ochterloney St
Dartmouth NS B2Y 4X3

Pay Cash Onsite

Must be in Canadian dollars.



All registered players are required to check in at the check-in desk on the day of the tournament, located outside the playing hall.

Check-in Desk Hours of Operation

3:00 PM to 4:30 PM on Friday, July 29

Additional Details

Players who do not check in will not be paired for Round 1.

Players who miss check-in will not be paired for any round in the tournament until they check in directly with the Tournament Director. If pairings are already posted, the player will not be paired until the subsequent round.

Information on Requesting Tournament Byes

Bye points will be awarded based on the criteria below:

  • First two byes for Rounds 1-5 will be half-point byes (½)
  • Extra byes for Rounds 1-5 will be zero points (0)
  • Byes requested for Round 6 (last round) will be zero points (0)

Byes requested at registration can be changed by e-mailing the Tournament Director or at check-in on the day of the event. Once a player is checked in, all requested byes are final.

The Tournament Director may allow byes to meet urgent or special circumstances. Pairings already posted will not be modified: the player requiring a bye will receive a zero-point bye (0), the opponent will receive a one-point bye (1).

Failure to appear for a round without prior approval of the Tournament Director will result in a forfeit (0).