Intergenerational Chess Project

The Intergenerational Chess Project (ICP) is aimed at promoting meaningful and purposeful cross-generational engagement through the medium of chess. As part of the project, Chess Nova Scotia is renewing its work to connect with community organizations such as seniors’ clubs, seniors’ homes, recreation centres, libraries and other community organizations across the province to promote chess as a recreational activity for all ages. The idea is that youth, adults and seniors will learn and play chess together. If you are interested in starting a chess program in your community, please contact us at

Chess Nova Scotia acknowledges the Department of Seniors, Nova Scotia, for its generous grant in support of the seniors’ programs or components within the ICP.

Chess at the Library

Chess is a pastime that has been embraced by young and old alike. It can help develop logic, spatial thinking, and improve planning, memory, judgment, creativity, and concentration.

Chess Nova Scotia and participating libraries invite Nova Scotians to join in at instructional and recreational chess programs when scheduled. While the program’s goal is to teach novice players the basic strategies of the game, the emphasis is on fun, enjoyment, and learning something new. New program listings will be posted here in the fall of 2021.

WaveLength: Chess for Seniors

Chess Nova Scotia’s mandate encompasses development and support of chess learning, competition and enjoyment across the age spectrum.

While chess is well known as an aid to early childhood education, recent research indicates cognitive benefits for the aged as well. WaveLength will offer chess activity and programs to seniors homes and seniors community and recreation centres.

If you or your organization would like to know more, please contact Chess Nova Scotia at If you are eager to get started, see Learn to Play.

See WaveLength: Chess for Seniors

Brain Waves: The Nova Scotia After-School Chess Program

Brain Waves is an after-school project for all schools in Nova Scotia (starting September 2020). Its interactive design will allow adults or seniors with no previous knowledge of chess to facilitate immediate chess learning & play.

With chess, children learn courtesy, patience, and self-reliance as they concentrate, analyze, imagine, and decide. Chess is also universal. It accommodates the full diversity of cultural and individual difference.

Educators are invited to try the introductory component: Full details of the program will follow at Brain Waves: Nova Scotia After-School Chess

Pawn Wise: The Atlantic All-Ages Chess Festival 2021

Pawn Wise aims to spark awareness of chess as a medium for social and cognitive health across the spectrum of age. The Festival features four events.

The Canadian Senior’s Chess Championship will be held in the Maritimes for the first time. The Nova Scotia Mayflower Open, open to all ages, takes place alongside it.

The Scholastic Chess Exhibition and Chess Considered: Four Questions – A Panel take center stage on Sunday, August 1 2021. The distinguished panelists will consider chess in relation to game theory, music, human & artificial intelligence, sport, social development, and cognitive well-being.

See Pawn Wise for more information.