Local chess player Kyle Creamer publishes My Chess Memoir: From a Kid to a King

*** Story update: Kyle Creamer interviewed about this book on Sill Podcast here. ***

Local chess player Kyle Creamer of Englishtown, Nova Scotia, has published his first book, My Chess Memoir: From a Kid to a King. The book follows Kyle’s journey as a newcomer to the Nova Scotia chess world in the early 2010s. Read about his life as an ambitious young chess player, dealing with the euphoric highs and bitter lows that come from an obsessive love of chess. The deeply personal story follows Kyle as a young man in his twenties, trying to find his way in love and in life. The book also features the moves from 21 of the most important chess games in Kyle’s tournament career. You can find more details about the book and where to buy it at Kyle’s website here: kylecreamerauthor.com/

Kyle will also be playing in the Bluenose Open tournament March 1st-3rd, 2024 at MSVU in Halifax and he will have a limited number of copies of his book available for purchase at the tournament site.

Kyle playing on board 3 in the final round of the Mayflower Open at Pawn Wise: The Atlantic All-Ages Chess Festival, at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, August 1st, 2022.

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