Chopin playing at the Cafe de la Regence, Paris, ca. 1840

Chess Club Listing

Chess Nova Scotia provides support for all chess clubs in Nova Scotia. For more information, contact:
Ian Anderson or
Lloyd Lombard

Not all clubs may be listed. To find a club in your area, ask your local library or school.

An evening at the Bridgewater Chess Club, Bridgewater

Why Play at a Club?

Chess clubs allow you to play chess in a friendly setting away from the computer screen and the tournament hall.

Chess clubs welcome new members regardless of skill level. Novices and younger players can mingle with more experienced players to learn more about the game. Beginners can learn how to write down their moves, use a clock, and so on.

For those interested in playing competitively, clubs provide an opportunity to develop your game in different play formats or through discussion of chess positions and chess topics in general.

World Champion Magnus Carlsen, Marshall Chess Club, New York
An afternoon at the Dalhousie Chess Club, Halifax