Bluenose Open 2019 RESULTS

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Bluenose Open 2019 Results:

Thirty five players, 5-round Swiss, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS, February 22-24, 2019.

First: Tallal Younis (2147), 4.5 points, prize: $310. Tallal will also have his name engraved on the Bluenose Cup.
Second: Alvah Mayo (2156), 4 points, prize: $190.
Third: Adam Dorrance (2324), Paul Dec (2093), Brian McKay (1891), Madoc Sullivan (1548), and Samuel Heran (1407), 3.5 points. Prizes: Adam, Paul, and Brian won $40 each. Madoc and Samuel won $70 each because they also tied for first U1700.
First U1400: Kiro Veljanovski (1364), 3 points, prize: $85.
Second U1400: Brian Zhang (1353), Wajeeh Khan (1271), and Neil Uppal (1260), 2.5 points, prize: $18 each.

Note: Tallal Younis is donating his tournament prize money to youth chess in Nova Scotia.


BNO 2019 Tal trophy

Photo above: Tallal Younis (on the right) wins the Bluenose Cup for 2019.


BNO 2019 crosstable rotated

Above: final standings for the Bluenose Open 2019.


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