Alvah Mayo wins the NS Closed 2019 Chess Champtionship

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Alvah Mayo has won the Nova Scotia Closed 2019 Chess Championship. Alvah bested the field of six of the province’s top players to win the title. His name will be engraved on the Nova Scotia Closed Championship trophy.

Alvah won the five-round, round robin tournament with 4 points. The event took place at Mount Saint Vincent University, July 5-7, 2019. The final scores are as follows:

Alvah Mayo: 4 points.

Roger Langen: 3 points.

Tallal Younis: 3 points.

Glen Charlton: 2 points.

Chris Felix: 1.5 points.

Jose Gonzalez-Cueto: 1.5 points.

The games from the tournament can be viewed on the Nova Scotia Chess Association website in the games data base:

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