Note: Participation in all Chess Nova Scotia events is subject to Government of Nova Scotia guidelines. See policy here. Participants must also abide by the Covid-19 policies of the event host.

Flagship Events

The 11th Canadian Seniors Chess Championship
Saint Mary’s University, Halifax
Jul 29-Aug 2 2022
The 1st Nova Scotia Mayflower Open
Saint Mary’s University, Halifax
Jul 29-Aug 2 2022


For announcements and results of regular tournaments in Nova Scotia, see Tournaments or Chess Calendar on the right sidebar. Feature tournaments include the Nova Scotia Open and the Nova Scotia Closed.

These tournaments use the Nova Scotia Time Control: 30/90 + G/45 + 30-second increment from the start. Other tournaments may use the faster time control: G/120 + 30.

Games Database

The Chess Nova Scotia games database includes recently played games on DGT broadcast boards plus an archive of games played in previous tournaments. See Games Database

Hall of Fame

For a list of winners of the Nova Scotia Chess Open and the Nova Scotia Chess Closed Championship, see Hall of Fame

Why Play in Tournaments

Tournaments are the best way to improve at chess. Learning to write your games down on score sheets allows you to review your games with your opponent, computer or coach. Chess clocks help you to manage your time.

Children learn these skills at scholastic chess tournaments. See

Adult tournaments are “rated.” A chess rating allows you to gauge your skill level. The average rating is approximately 1500 or C-level. Masters are generally rated at 2200 and above. For more information on ratings, see Chess Federation of Canada at

Most tournaments are organized as 5 or 6-round Swiss tournaments. Players are paired according to their round-by-round results, ensuring compatible play. Prizes are distributed accordingly.

Nova Scotia Closed Championship

Every year the Nova Scotia Closed Championship is held, bringing together 6 of the top players in Nova Scotia for a premier round robin event to determine the provincial chess champion.

Rules for Qualification

1. Player must be listed as a Nova Scotia player on the Chess Federation of Canada website.
2. Player’s primary residence must be in Nova Scotia.
3. Player must have played at least 8 games in NSCA organized open events over the past two calendar years. (For example, to qualify for the 2019 tournament, a player must have played 8 games in NSCA organized open events between January 2017 and December 2018.)

The tournament will consist of 6 players based on the following criteria:

Reigning Nova Scotia Closed Champion
5 Highest Rated Players in Nova Scotia

The rating list used to select the highest rated players will be the official Chess Federation of Canada rating list with the following filters:

Province selected as Nova Scotia
Played a tournament within the last 2 years
Current member or expired within the last 3 years

The list can be found by clicking here. Note that provisional players (players who have not yet played 25 CFC-rated games) do not appear on the CFC list, but will be invited as long as they meet the Rules for Qualification listed above.

Invitations will be sent out in January of the same year as the event.