All trophies handcrafted in Nova Scotia. Click image to see full size.
Wood trophy and Journey Mirror photos by Troy Fleury

Beauty Contest
Gordon Marshall Woodturning
Upper Tantallon

Handcrafted for The Canadian Seniors Chess Championship and The Nova Scotia Mayflower Open. Gordon Marshall is a Juried Member of the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council.

Canadian Seniors 65+ — 1st Prize

CRYSTAL SAILBOAT – Ht. 26.5 cm., original handmade crystal, “billowing sail atop a solid wave-cut base.” Celebrating crystal intellect & seniors at their leisure!

Canadian Seniors 65+ — 2nd Prize

CANADIAN SPIRIT — Ht. 22.5 cm., original handmade crystal, Cylinder Award design. Symbolic of Canada as a meeting ground within the compass of three oceans.

Canadian Seniors 50+ — 1st Prize

REEDS OF SUMMER — 19 x 28 cm., White Birch, harvested by hand. Clear coated to show beautiful grain and insect damage, with image of reeds that grow along the many ponds and brooks in summer.

Canadian Seniors 50+ — 2nd Prize

GREEN WITH ENVY — 15.25 x 28 cm., White Birch, harvested by hand. Strong tall tree, ravaged by insects in its last two years. Stained green in homage to its large canopy of rich green leaves.

Canadian Seniors – Top 60+

AQUARIUS — 16.5 x 21.25 cm., White Birch, harvested by hand. Celebrates the 50th anniversary of Woodstock 1969, with vibrancy of colour and rigidity of texture distinctive of the time.

Mayflower Open — 1st Prize

SPIRALLING UP — 23 x 32.5 cm., rim and base of African wenge; segments, yellowheart and tigerwood. Locally sourced, originating countries unknown. Open segmented vase, reflective of sunlight and shadow in the treed life below the canopy, with a “spiralling movement always upward.”

Mayflower Open — 2nd Prize

WAITING FOR SPRING — 21.5 x 29.5 cm., Honduran mahogany body, sapele base, originating countries unknown. Inspired by springtime ritual of planting new shrubs and flowers in garden. 307 individual pieces assembled into discs around a steel wire support.

Mayflower Open — Top Junior

JOURNEY MIRROR — 25.5 cm., handcrafted artisan fine pewter. Decorative design suggests paths and byways in the journey of a life, held together by a mirror. Photographed to show a background of sky.