Getting Started

Chess is easily learned. For a rapid, interactive, and entertaining introduction to all the basics, go to

Adults & General Interest – For opportunities in your area to learn more about chess and how to play the game, see our Chess at the Library program or contact one of our chess clubs.

Parent & School – For information on scholastic programs, tournaments, and resources, go to the Nova Scotia Scholastic Chess Association at See also Pawn Waves: The Nova Scotia After-School Chess Program.

Mobile Devices

Check the App Store on your mobile device or tablet for chess learning software.  There are plenty to choose from!  Magnus Chess Trainer is a great app with endorsement by the current World Champion!

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On the Internet – Adults — Select Learn/Lessons. – Parent, School, Child – Step-by-step instruction with tests and certificates for progress. No fees. – Parent, Coach, School, Child — Select appropriate option. The site is interactive with lessons, videos, and puzzles. A full curriculum is available for use in the schools. – Teacher, Student – America’s Foundation for Chess: “easy-to-use online platform” for classroom and after-school programs. Well-defined links to math, literacy, science, and history. Package includes manual, lessons, demo board, sets. Taught by The Chess Lady. – A Kid’s Guide to Playing Chess. – Free and fee paying lessons for individuals and schools. – Select Learn. A “structured learning path” from beginner to advanced, with video library, access to coaches & online play. Membership fee. – Fee-based android app for individuals or school. – Early Childhood Education app for schools.

The NSSCA website offers tips on other websites as well as the free downloadable resource, The Chess Primer.

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