Halifax Summer Open 2019 RESULTS

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Walter Jergis 29Jul19

Photo above: Walter MacNeil and Jerjis Kapra

tie for first place in the Halifax Summer Open 2019

and are awarded the George Beals Trophy.


Halifax Summer Open 2019, Five-round Swiss, 19 players, Mount Saint Vincent University, June 28-30, 2019.

Tied for first/second: Walter MacNeil (1715) and Jerjis Kapra (1658), 4 points, $135 each. Their names will be engraved on the George Beals trophy.

Tied for third: Peter Turner (1978), Stephen Saunders (1837), Paulo Ferreira (1818), Samuel Heran (1790), and Ken Cashin (1765), 3 points, $12 each.

Under 1500: Neil Uppal (1449), 3 points, $50. Note that Neil also tied for third place.

The games from the top four boards can be viewed in the Nova Scotia games database, here:

Games Database



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