Nova Scotia Open 2023

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June 9, 2023 @ 6:00 pm – June 11, 2023 @ 8:30 pm
Saint Mary's University
923 Robie Street
Adults (age 18 and over): $40 Seniors (age 65 and over): $35 Juniors (under age 18): $35


*** YOU MUST email Ken Cashin if you intend to play in this tournament: ***

Please read the registration process, below, before emailing Ken Cashin.

*** Even if you pre-register, YOU MUST also show up one hour before your first game of the tournament starts in order to be paired for the round. This applies to all players. ***  

Link to watch the DGT board games is:

The tournament will follow Government of Nova Scotia Guidelines re COVID-19. It will also follow the COVID-19 protocols of its host, Saint Mary’s University, which can be viewed here.

Also note that payments for the tournament entry fee must be made in cash (only). Likewise, if you purchase or renew a CFC membership on site at the tournament, that payment must also be in cash (only).

Note, however that you can pay your CFC membership online at:

Registration process:

  1. Send an email message to Ken Cashin to tell him that you intend to play. Also provide your age and your chess rating, if you have one. This is the “pre-registration” step.
  2. Purchase or renew your Chess Federation of Canada membership. You can do that online, here. Or, you could pay Ken Cashin for it onsite on the first day of the tournament (cash only). If you will be paying Ken Cashin for the CFC membership, please provide the registrant’s date of birth and home town.
  3. Pay the tournament entry fee (see below). This you pay to Ken Cashin onsite at the tournament (cash only). This is considered to be the final “registration” step.

Date of tournament: June 9-11, 2023

Location: Saint Mary’s University, 923 Robie Street, Halifax, N.S., Loyola Academic Complex, rooms LA174 and LA175.

See building LA on campus map here.

Contact: Ken Cashin

Type: Five round Swiss.

Registration: Friday, June 9th, onsite, from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

*** In order to be paired for the tournament, you must show up at least one hour before your first game so that Ken can confirm that you are onsite and able to play

***  Also: payment to Ken Cashin for the tournament entry fee and (if applicable) the CFC membership must be made before the registrant plays their first game. Do not show up at the registration table without the cash needed to pay. ***    



Rd 1: Friday, June 9th, 6 p.m.

Rd 2: Saturday, June 10th, 10 a.m.

Rd 3: Saturday, June 10th, 4:30 p.m.

Rd 4: Sunday, June 11th, 9 a.m.

Rd 5: Sunday, June 11th, 3:30 p.m.

Note that the reason the games start a little earlier on Sunday is to give out-of-town participants more daylight time to travel home after the tournament.

Prizes: Cash prizes will be awarded, based on the number of entrants. The tournament winner’s name will be engraved on the Nova Scotia Open trophy.

Time control: 40/105 + G/30 + 30 sec increment from start

Note: if numbers warrant, the tournament will be run as a sectional; i.e., in two or more sections, determined by the ratings of the players. If one of the sections is 1499-rated & below, that section will have the simpler time control of Game in 2 hours, with 30-second increments from start (same one as the Bluenose Open 2023).

Tournament Entry Fee:

Adults (age 18 and over): $40

Seniors (age 65 and over): $35

Juniors (under age 18): $35

Byes: Up to two (2) half-point byes are available, but must be requested to the tournament director before the tournament begins, i.e., either before or at the time of registration.

*** Note: Bye points gained in the last round do not count towards tournament prize eligibility. ***

Forfeits: Players are required to play all five rounds unless they have declared byes beforehand, as indicated above. Unless they have declared a bye for a particular round, as indicated above, players who do not show up for a game will be forfeited for that game, i.e., they will earn a score of zero for the game and their opponent will earn a score of one point for the game.

Also, a player is expected to show up on time for the start of the round, as a courtesy to their opponent. If a player does not show up within an hour after a game starts, the player will be forfeited for that round, i.e., they will earn a score of zero for the game and their opponent will earn a score of one point for the game.

Forced byes: In rounds where there is an uneven number of players, a full-point, forced bye will be given to one player, as determined by the pairing software.  

*** Note: In addition to paying the tournament entry fee stated above, to participate in the tournament a player must be a member of the Chess Federation of Canada (CFC). The membership can be purchased online on the CFC site before the tournament, or can be paid to the tournament director onsite at time of registration.

*** Note: This tournament is subject to the Chess Nova Scotia Fair Play and Electronic Device Policy.


Updated June 9, 2023, 3:15 p.m.

(The names in bold font are ones that have been added since the previous update.)

Confirmed Participants (104):

2404 – Adam Dorrance NS

2263 – Sriram Sarja NS (2138 FIDE)

2200 – Jerjis Kapra NS

2142 – Jason Manley NB

2132 – Dzmitry Kalinin NB

2128 – Harry Posner NS

2062 – Roger Langen NS

2057 – Paul Dec NS

2039 – Jose Gonzalez-Cueto NS

2034 – Calix Marchand NS

1993 – Glenn Charlton NS

1951 – Sam Heran-Boily NS

1853 – Brian McKay NS

1820 – Paul Abela NS (bye in round 1)

1812 – Paulo Ferreira NS (byes in rds 2 and 4)

1810 – Josh MacRitchie NS

1800 – Remo Lacson NS

1790 – Harold Jew ON

1750 – Justin Stevens NS

1723 – Wane Inkpen NS (byes in rounds 1 and 3)

1722 – Donald MacLean NS

1706 – Shin Yamanaka NB

1705 – Emma Norovsambuu NS

1691 – Ray Cooke NS (byes in rounds 2 and 3)

1688 – Conrad MacNeil NS (bye in round 1)

1682 – Ryan Memet NS

1621 – Brandon MacDonald NS (bye in round 1)

1600 – Kanav Bhardwaj NS

1600 – Jamil Muradov NS

1600 – Adam Thimot NS

1595 – Eric Newman NS

1593 – Phil Boyle NS

1571 – Patrick Wain NS

1559 – Ben Carter NB

1543 – Jarrett Gabriel NS

1542 – Adric McGrady NS

1541 – Krishna Jahagirdar IND (1416 FIDE)

1541 – Darin Evoy NS

1515 – David Payne NS

1507 – Dimitrije Krstic NS

1477 – Charles Culver NS

1473 – Owen Card NS (bye in round 4)

1471 – Chase Carter NB

1470 – Steve McLeod NS

1451 – Ryan Weir NS

1445 – Paul Bates NS

1436 – Magnus Justason NB

1404 – Yury Shulga NS

1400 – Andy de Champlain NS

1400 – Alex Sanford NS (byes in rounds 1 and 5)

1387 – Omar Ashour NS (bye for round 2)

1354 – Andrew Mayo NS

1343 – Ryan Harding NS

1315 – Sagar Kapahi IND

1313 – Skye Cross NS

1289 – Houssam Elokda NS

1268 – Brian Gu PEI (byes in rds 1, 4, and 5)

1253 – Aden Yip NS

1243 – Alan Cristobal NS

1242 – David Wang NS

1219 – Oliver Hani NS

1212 – Justin Cull NS

1204 – Sam Jubin NS

1200 – Travis Lloyd NS

1058 – Abel Koshy NS

1051 – Irina Volosincu NS

1048 – Lewis Ford ON

1025 – Edisson Ducusin NS

1008 – Patrick Saulnier ON

0992 – Lingjian Chen NS

0983 – Kush Asthana NS

0976 – Jayden Tran NS

0929 – Rowan Gromack NS

0897 – Adrian Fu NS

UNR – Kyle Morgan NS

UNR – Ujjwal Sujith NS

UNR – Haeol Jung NS

UNR – Naeol Jung NS

UNR – Liam Mailman NS

UNR – Sihyeong Park NS

UNR – Seungwoo Yang NS

UNR – Jiho Yoo NS

UNR – Jiwon Yoo NS

UNR – Zachary Kyriaco QC

UNR – Soham Ausekar NS

UNR – Louis Fillmore NS

UNR – Yunfei Guan NS

UNR – Matthew Wright NS

UNR – Daniel VanderVeen NS

UNR – Callum Engelberts NS

UNR – Noah McManus NS

UNR – Tony Liu NS

UNR – Asher Christiansen NS

UNR – Wonjin Kang NS

UNR – Dev Gupta NS

UNR – Saman Intisar Rahman NS

UNR – Bhumik Kalra NS

UNR – Hwiseong Ahn NS

UNR – Patrick Connor NS

UNR – Charlize Yip NS

UNR – Vanshpreet Singh NS

UNR – Lucas Forster NS

UNR – Olivia Shi NS

UNR – Aneesh Mahatekar NS





Maybe Participants

1654 – Rikuto Nakasayu NS

1589 – Aidan Roy NS

1576 – Julius Lopez NS

1096 – Remi Petch NS




Affordable hotels nearby:

Wedgewood Hotel, Bedford Highway (near MSVU)

Howard Johnson/The Bluenose Inn & Suites, Bedford Highway (near MSVU)

Comfort Inn, Bedford Highway (near MSVU)

Chebucto Inn, Lady Hammond Road (between MSVU and SMU)

Robie’s End, (B&B, very close to SMU)


And a little more upscale…

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Halifax – Bedford, 980 Parkland Drive (near MSVU)

Chateau Bedford Trademark Collection by Wyndham, 133 Kearney Lake Road (near MSVU)

Lord Nelson Hotel, 1515 South Park Street (closer to SMU)

Atlantica Hotel Halifax, 1980 Robie Street (closer to SMU)


*** Note: If you are looking for a roommate to share hotel and/or travel costs with for the Nova Scotia Open 2023 tournament, please contact: Ken Cashin to have your name and contact info posted on this site, here, for others to contact you. A list will be published below for people looking for roommates for the tournament.


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