Adam Dorrance Wins 2023 Nova Scotia Closed

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The 2023 Nova Scotia Closed Chess Championship took place over the August 25-27 weekend, with six strong participants playing a single round robin tournament.

Left to Right: Jerjis Kapra, Alvah Mayo, Adam Dorrance, Jose Gonzalez-Cueto, Juan Ramirez-Orta, Paul Dec

NM Adam Dorrance (2387) – Reigning Champion
NCM Jerjis Kapra (2246)
NM Alvah Mayo (2230)
Juan Ramirez-Orta (2059)
NCM Jose Gonzalez-Cueto (2004)
Paul Dec (2000)

Players getting ready just before the start of round 1
Round 1: Alvah Mayo (Left) vs Jose Gonzalez-Cueto (Right)
Round 2: Paul Dec (Left) vs Juan Ramirez-Orta (Right)
Alvah Mayo contemplating his first move in round 3 after beating Adam Dorrance in round 2
Round 3: Jerjis Kapra (Left) deep in thought during the opening against Adam Dorrance (Right)

NM Adam Dorrance won the event with a score of 4/5 ! Congratulations Adam!

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